Hamilton Park Food Tour (Jun – October)

Head north from downtown Jersey City and discover the quaint neighborhood of Hamilton Park. Whether it’s the charming brownstones or the beautifully landscaped park itself, JGFT gives tour participants a new reason to love this part of town.

We’ll start with a walk through the weekly Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association’s farmers market which hosts a variety of unique vendors, stopping for samples at some of our favorite spots along the way.  Stumble across the park and savor a variety of Italian specialties at GP’s Restaurant. Mid tour, cleanse your palate at Milk Sugar Love, as we sample a variety of artisan ice creams. Further down, indulge in the signature jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon from 9th & Coles Tavern. Finish off at the unassuming neighborhood joint, White Star Bar, known for their fresh-ground Pat La Frieda burgers on a Balthazar bun, accompanied by a seasonal craft beer pairing.

On this 3-hour walking, narrated tour, expect to not only fill your bellies, but learn something new about the neighborhood and market as well!

Tour Information:

  • Duration: Approximately 2.5 -3 hours
  • Cost: $89 per adult ticket (ages 7 and up); $30 per child ticket (ages 6 and below)
  • Includes: All food, optional beverage pairings at select restaurants and narrated tour

Tasting Locations:

*Vendor & menu items subject to change

*Tours are more fun when there are more people on it! Generally, the tour minimum is 4 guests. If the minimum is not met 48 hours before tour date, JGFT reserves the right to reschedule guests.

**Since this tour involves the seasonal farmers market, the only offerings at this time are from May through October. With many new restaurants in the area, we will be adding a weekend Hamilton Park tour! Stay tuned**